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Celebrating the Benchley Honorees

The honorees showcased in this book are the best of the best in their unique fields. Each one has made an extraordinary contribution in safeguarding and revitalizing our seas. The collective impact of innovative ideas, breakthrough research, and new solutions put forward by all the honoree’s efforts has been transformational for marine conservation and span a wide array of expertise, including: overfishing, habitat destruction, species extinction, climate change, acidification, pollution, dead zones, shark finning, marine protected areas, marine spatial planning, smart coastal development, fisheries reform, revoking foreign fishing licenses, rigorous regulatory enforcement, coral reef restoration, reverse fishing licenses, molecular forensics, deep-sea exploration, transformational port management, coastal clean-ups, recycling programs, ocean economic development, green jobs, inspirational journalism, photography, and films along with powerful grass roots activism. These individuals are an inspiration to their peers and to all of us who care about protecting our blue planet.


Categories of Excellence

Peter Benchley Ocean Award recipients are chosen annually from among hundreds of global nominations submitted by respected marine organizations and individuals. The selection committee is focused on recognizing truly exceptional efforts, therefore not all categories are awarded each year.

Excellence in National Stewardship

Excellence in Science

Excellence in Policy

Excellence in Media

Excellence in Solutions

Excellence in Marine Exploration

Ocean Spirit Foundation Award

Christopher Benchley Youth Award

Hero of the Seas Award

Sustained Ocean Achievement Award




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