About Us

The Peter Benchley Ocean Awards™ were founded on the idea that individuals across every field of marine discipline are doing outstanding work—providing solutions to the challenges faced by our ocean, coastlines, and wildlife—and they need to be acknowledged and honored.

Co-founded by Wendy Benchley and David Helvarg, and named in honor of Peter Benchley, author of Jaws and lifelong shark and ocean advocate, the Benchley Awards were established to recognize and celebrate the work and dedication of these individuals and to foster cross-discipline collaboration to expand innovative ocean solutions.

The Benchley Awards Selection Committee, a superb and diverse group of marine experts and advocates, played an invaluable role in selecting our outstanding winners from hundreds of nominations received each year. Over the course of a decade, the Benchley Awards recognized eighty-three extraordinary ocean conservation champions.

We believe the work and leadership of our Benchley Award winners have helped propel a significant upsurge in support and momentum for ocean conservation around the globe. Their commitment to ocean excellence will continue to make our wondrous blue planet a safer, more resilient home for nature and humanity for future generations. 




To contact Co-Founder, Wendy Benchley, please email Wendy's Executive Assistant Mary Fritz, mary@wendybenchley.com


To contact Co-Founder, David Helvarg, please email, helvarg@bluefront.org