Hero of the Seas Award

Todd Miller

Coastal North Carolinian native Todd Miller was raised fittingly in the community of “Ocean” where he and his sisters spent endless joyful hours swimming, sailing, fishing, shrimping, and exploring natural habitats of Bogue Sound. In 1982 he founded the North Carolina Coastal Federation to empower coastal residents and ordinary citizens to protect and restore the water quality and critically important natural habitats of the N.C. coast. Under Miller’s guidance the federation has grown to more 16,000 supporters who have actively campaigned in the face of excessive coastal development pressure for restoration programs encompassing over 40,000 acres of estuaries and 8,500 acres of land acquired for preservation. These efforts have reduced pollution and rejuvenated vital coastal habitats—reviving oyster reefs, salt marshes, local wildlife and other key components of North Carolina uniquely beautiful coast.


To contact Co-Founder, Wendy Benchley, please email Wendy's Executive Assistant Mary Fritz, mary@wendybenchley.com


To contact Co-Founder, David Helvarg, please email, helvarg@bluefront.org