Welcome to Our New Web Site!

Peter Benchley Ocean Awards Foundation is excited to announce the launch of Peter Benchley Ocean Awards web site. As we recognize the marine conservation achievements of our extraordinary honorees, it is fitting to reflect on the positive momentum we are seeing in the efforts to protect and restore our living blue world. Never before has concern for our ocean been directed in such a strategic, sustainable and forward looking manner. The challenges confronting us remain daunting including industrial overfishing, managing the high seas, widespread pollution, loss of marine and coastal habitat and climate change. But, in taking action, we also create motivation for more people to join our cause and protect our blue home. We hope you enjoy browsing our new web site featuring our amazing history, honorable awardees, gallery and much more!


To contact Co-Founder, Wendy Benchley, please email Wendy's Executive Assistant Mary Fritz, mary@wendybenchley.com


To contact Co-Founder, David Helvarg, please email, helvarg@bluefront.org