Bravo to Our 77 Remarkable Benchley Award Winners

Posted by Wendy Benchley and David Helvarg 

The Peter Benchley Ocean Awards were founded on the idea that individuals across every field of marine endeavor were doing outstanding work— providing solutions to the challenges faced by our ocean, coastlines, and wildlife—and that they should be acknowledged and honored. We established the Benchley’s to recognize and celebrate the work and dedication of these individuals and to foster cross-discipline collaboration to expand on their ocean solutions. 

Over the past decade the Awards have recognized seventy-seven extraordinary ocean conservation champions. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, the Awards and our winners have gained stature and visibility across our community and our blue world. 

We believe the work and leadership of our Benchley winners has helped propel a significant upsurge in global support and momentum for ocean conservations over the past decade, and we are writing to let you know that after ten fulfilling years we have decided it is time to retire the Benchley Awards.

The Peter Benchley Ocean Awards network of winners remains a thriving, collaborative network.  Our hope is to convene them in the future to discuss other pioneering ‘solutions’ that can keep the ocean conservation agenda moving forward. 

 Bravo to all ocean conservation heroes!


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